Basement Waterproofing Methods


Leaks and moist walls damage your house and also depreciate its value. Water is an enemy of your home whether you are talking about damp walls or wet basements. It can affect the stability of your foundation and thus end up weakening the entire structure. Good news is that almost all types of leaks can be corrected. The cost of fixing holes is also reasonable. You can rectify this problem if you hire an efficient waterproofing company.

A waterproofing contractor will review the basement and other areas of the home that require waterproofing. After identifying the problem, they will provide you with practical methods that you can use to take care of the problem. Several wet basement waterproofing methods can use in homes.

First, the waterproofing contractor can advise you to use sealants. This is the most appropriate method if the water is entering the basement through cracks. Special waterproofing coatings are applied to keep the water away by sealing the crack. You should use this method if your home has minor dampness.

The other method that can be used is the crack injection. This process of getting rid of leaks is most appropriate for a poured concrete foundation. Using polyurethane injections will help in taking care of the cracks in case the water leakage is coming from the walls. Why do showers leak??

A drainage system is a less expensive method. It is an interior waterproofing method. It is given this technique because it is used to manage the water after it has entered the walls. If the house owner chooses to use the water control method, the waterproofing contractor will install tiles that will direct the water from the basement to a drainage system. Know the Reasons Why Your Balcony Is Leaking here!

Exterior waterproofing solution is also called the excavation. In this method, the roofing contractor will start by digging the land around the house. The contractor will also install drainage tiles and hydraulic cement in the affected areas. Another name for this solution is the positive side waterproofing. Unlike the interior waterproofing, this method prevents the water from entering the basement. The time and money spent on this technique depend on the water problem in your home.

All homes are different, and this means that there is no a particular method used to address dampness problems. You should first understand the cause of the dampness and then know the most appropriate approach to solve it. You need to hire an experienced waterproofing contractor if you want the best services. To learn more about basement waterproofing, go to


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